How The West Was Won

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by Eddie Edwards

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Whole Lotta Love

Quite a bit of chopping and changing in this one. We start off in LA. The first cut occurs at 5:24, where a 25 second section has been disposed of that consisted of Robert saying, "I might have told you this before but it still stands," followed by several repetitions of "I hear'd," echoed by guitar and drums. The next cut is at 5:43, where 8 seconds of "You've got to let..." have been removed. Almost immediately, at 5:47, another 10 seconds have been chopped out, with the result that we don't get to hear Robert telling us, "I was exhausted but I felt so good." Then at 5:50, just after Robert's reference to John Lee Hooker, there's a tiny cut of no more than a second to remove a high guitar note.

At 8:00 there's a switch to Long Beach for "Let's Have a Party", but at 9:56 it's back to LA for "Hello Marylou". "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Slow Down" were played at LA and "Blueberry Hill" was given a workout at Long Beach, but none of those songs appear in the official medley. Instead, at 12:10, we jump back to Long Beach for the long, drawn out "Going Down Slow" blues. Finally, at 20:45, it's back to LA once more for the return to the "Whole Lotta Love" theme and the end of the song.

One other point of interest on this track is that Jimmy's harmony vocals in the choruses, quite clear on the bootlegs, are virtually inaudible on the official release.

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