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by Eddie Edwards

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Dancing Days

The spoken introduction is from LA, although heavily edited. The full introduction heard on the bootleg contains the suggestion that the next album might be called "Burn That Candle", which was famously misinterpreted as "Burn Like A Candle" by Luis Rey and by the bootleggers who stole so many of his memorable quotes.

The song itself, like "What Is and What Should Never Be", is the Long Beach version heard years before on Studio Daze, with a couple of small alterations. In the second chorus, Robert emitted an alarmingly high squeak on "my one and only" but this has been patched at 1:14 with a fragment of the LA vocal track. The other fix is on the very last beat of the song at 3:21, where Jonesey hit a C on the bass instead of a G, as if he were enjoying the song so much that he wanted to play one more verse.

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