How The West Was Won

A Garden Tapes feature
by Eddie Edwards

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Dazed and Confused

The LA version, in all its considerable glory apart from one small cut. As the Crunge section starts, Bonzo and Jonesy play the riff eight times together before Pagey joins in, but four of these have been removed. The cut is probably at 15:47. A little later in The Crunge, a vocal outburst has been faded out of the mix but can still be heard faintly at 16:28.

At 14:05 during the Walter's Walk jam, the "Na-na-na-na" vocal starts fractionally earlier than on the bootleg. This appears to be a reuse of a fragment of vocal from a few seconds later at 14:10. This vocal anomaly, combined with the sudden change of sound as Bonzo moves from ride cymbal to hi-hat, had me convinced that there was some kind of cut at this point. There is not, but it probably sounds more like a cut than any of the actual cuts!

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