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Madison Square Garden 1973
Black Dog

The problem with Black Dog in The Song Remains The Same is that it has a large chunk hacked out of the middle of it. How nice, then, to have the song complete on DVD. So is this just the same version but with the middle section reinstated? Not on your Nellie!

While the version in The Song Remains The Same is from the 29th apart from the last few seconds which are from the 27th, DVD features the complete version from the 28th!

The Bring It On Home riff introduction has been omitted and a few vocal cracks have been smoothed over. "Take too long 'fore I found out" (0:01:58) and "Now I don't know" (0:02:19) have been patched using the vocal track from the 29th. "Spend my money" (0:02:09) has been touched up with a part that is not from the 29th so is presumably from the 27th, but there's still no reference bootleg available for the first part of that show to provide confirmation. There's also a fix in the middle of the first run through the main guitar riff, at 0:00:14, where a missed note has been reinstated.

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