The Garden Tapes

by Eddie Edwards

The Garden Tapes was originally a study of the 1976 Led Zeppelin film and album, The Song Remains The Same. It has now been expanded to cover other official Led Zeppelin live releases including the 2007 and 2018 remastered versions of The Song Remains The Same.

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The Garden Tapes
1976 - 2007 - 2018
BBC Sessions and
The Complete BBC Sessions
Led Zeppelin DVD
How The West Was Won
(original and remastered)
The Meridian Garden Tapes
Les Enregistrements du Jardin

Tight But Loose issue 21, published in August 2008, included a Garden Tapes feature, discussing some of the differences between the original 1976 releases of The Song Remains The Same and the 2007 remastered versions, and highlighting in particular the reasons why the new CD failed to live up to expectations. Visit Tight But Loose for ordering information.

The Garden Tapes was rewritten between November 2007 and February 2008 to cover The Song Remains The Same Two Disc Special Edition DVD and Remastered & Expanded Soundtrack CD and to incorporate additional information about the original releases and correct a number of errors, omissions and oversimplifications.

New features covering Celebration Day and Live At The Olympia were added in December 2014.

The BBC Sessions feature was updated in November 2016 following the release of The Complete BBC Sessions.

The feature on How The West Was Won was updated in May 2018 following the release of the remastered edition.

A new chapter was added to the main Garden Tapes feature in September 2018 following the release of the 2018 remaster of The Song Remains The Same.

Thanks to all Garden Tapes readers for your patience, encouragement and continuing interest.

Eddie Edwards - September 2018

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