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Knebworth 1979
Whole Lotta Love

From, you guessed it, the 4th. This comes close to being a third successive unadulterated song but there are three small fixes.

The first is at NTSC 0:42:59, PAL 0:43:02. After Bonzo had led them out of the guitar solo, the band jammed for four bars in a slightly scrappy fashion before going into the newly devised "You Need Love" middle section. The first two of these four bars have been removed to tidy things up a bit.

The second is at NTSC 0:47:21, PAL 0:47:24 where the drums lead the band back in for the closing part of the song after Robert and his couple of hundred thousand friends have been "Way down inside". Somehow Bonzo missed his own cue and crashed in a beat late, just behind the riff, but everything has been nicely realigned on the DVD soundtrack.

The final fix, inevitably, is a vocal patch. A very minor one - the "coolin'" in the first "Keep a coolin' baby" at NTSC 0:47:46, PAL 0:47:49 has been replaced by copying the one that was sung just a couple of seconds later.

So, as far as the soundtrack is concerned, the only contributions from the 11th August to the entire Knebworth feature are a couple of tiny vocal fragments. Armed with this information, it's not too difficult to form an idea of which week saw the better performance and it's worth refecting on the fact that it's not the one that's been unofficially available on video for many years.

The Knebworth visuals, of course, are another matter. The band may not have played as well the second week but they didn't look any less beautiful. And even Jonesy wore the same clothes! The opportunity to mix and match the footage was not missed by Pagey and his assistants but when it comes to sorting out those particular details all you'll get from me is a shrug and a "Sorry, guv, not in my job description."

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