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Knebworth 1979
Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll was played as the first encore at both Knebworth shows but on DVD it gets the honour of opening the proceedings. This version is from the first week, the 4th, and it's intact apart from a little vocal patching. The first "lonely" at the end of the third chorus at 0:02:46 has been replaced with a more powerful one, probably the one that was sung just 30 seconds later in the last chorus.

Starting at 0:02:54, Robert sings "Ooh, yeah" three times, and then twice more a few seconds later. His voice was squeaking a fair bit by this time and some of the steadier "oohs" and "yeahs" have been copied around to replace the shakier ones. It's impossible to tell exactly what has been done in every instance - I think the desired effect was achieved by reusing fragments from the same version but it's feasible that the vocal track from the 11th provided a small helping hand as well.

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