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Earls Court 1975
In My Time Of Dying

A change of night for this one. It's from the 24th and, a little surprisingly for a song of this length and complexity, it's very close to being complete and unaltered. There are a couple of little adjustments, though.

Where everything stops at NTSC 0:25:54, PAL 0:25:56, Robert originally sang "Let me hear ya" four times, but three of these have been removed. Bafflingly, considering how much care has been taken elsewhere to hide small vocal imperfections, the surviving "Let me hear ya" was certainly not the best of the four! Immediately afterwards, to add to the confusion, the first "Oh, my Jesus" has been patched to fix a crack that was no worse than the one in "Let me hear ya" that was allowed to remain.

There is one other puzzling edit near the beginning of the song where the drums enter at NTSC 0:17:59, PAL 0:18:01. The slightly quirky lead-in that Bonzo played has been replaced with a straighter, simplified snare pattern.

In My Time Of Dying was played as the fourth number at all the Earls Court shows and it could be argued that it really belongs before the acoustic set, but in the context of the six songs chosen for DVD the adjusted running order works very well.

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